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JWalk's "Badass Broads Walking Tour" may step outside of the lines just a bit but we consider it a homage to these ladies who sometimes had to step way outside of the lines and defy the conventions of their day to make their marks. JWalk Tours is proud to present a few of the badass ladies who you'll discover are a vibrant part of Charleston's story. A story that is, unfortunately, relegated to back pages of history and often untold. [More Info]

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Walking the streets of Charleston, one of the oldest cities in America, is walking through an important part of the tapestry of American history. Established in 1670, Charleston grew to become one of the nation’s leading ports and was an especially important for trade and military defense in the South. In fact, by 1750 Charleston was the largest and wealthiest city south of Philadelphia.

On our walk together, you’ll become part of a city with a rich and fascinating story to tell. From it’s wealth and opulence to the many disasters that fell upon it and its participation in the darkest parts of American history and humanity. Like any city with opportunity, people of great diversity came from near and far to participate in the building of one of the early melting pots in America. They built enduring structures; houses, churches, businesses and forts all with their own stories to tell. These streets and structures have been walked by presidents and foreign dignitaries, generals and soldiers, slaves and slave traders, and pirates and merchants. You will feel a part of the celebrations held for visiting presidents to the devastating fires, earth quake, hurricanes along with attacks by foreign invaders, pirates and eventually Union armies that were defended against. [More Info]

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  • star rating  This walking tour with Jonathan was hands down the absolute highlight of my trip. Jonathan has such reverence for the city of Charleston and the history that makes up... read more

    Amber B
    January 1, 2022

    star rating  Absolutely BEST walking tour. Johnathan is very personable, spins great stories with historical facts and interesting tidbits. Will make it a point to take future tours with him in the... read more

    Chris B
    January 1, 2022

    star rating  This walking tour was so great. Jonathan was FANTASTIC. Handled all subjects on Charleston’s history beautifully. It’s clear he loves his job and cares about his city so much. Highly... read more

    alisa w
    January 1, 2022

    star rating  The Badass Broads walking tour with Jonathan was fun, informative and an experience we really enjoyed! We saw important parts of Charleston, famous sights were explained, and we heard... read more

    December 1, 2021
  • star rating  This was the BEST guided tour we have been on in ANY city. Jonathan is so knowledgeable about events that took place in Charleston and he painted the images in... read more

    Brittany G
    December 1, 2021

    star rating  Excellent guide who loves and knows the city, perfectly paced tour with so many interesting highlights. Don’t miss this if you want a proper introduction to Charleston!

    December 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan was a great tour guide! He is a wonderful storyteller and very informative. He clearly loves Charleston. The tour was kid friendly and he encouraged questions throughout. I... read more

    Melissa C
    December 1, 2021

    star rating  Absolutely the best tour I have ever been on in any city! Jonathan is GREAT!! I would recommend to anyone!!!

    Stephanie N
    December 1, 2021
  • star rating  What a great experience! Jonathan is extremely well versed in the History and Culture of Charleston. The walk was very manageable with many stops along the way at... read more

    Mark W
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  Johnathan was so knowledgeable and passionate about what he was teaching us. I have been on a few tours of the city and no one does it like him. Also... read more

    Alysia Taylor
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  My girlfriend and I took this tour last week. Where to begin? I'll start by saying that this may have been the best walking tour that I've ever experienced, and... read more

    Jovy Berrios
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  This tour was worth every penny and then some! Do you feel like hearing stories that are funny, powerful and inspiring? Then this is the tour for you. Jon was... read more

    tara s
    November 1, 2021
  • star rating  Walking tours don’t get better than this! Jonathan is very passionate about the history of Charleston and it really shows in his tour. I’ve learned a lot about the city... read more

    Devon L
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan made this tour of the Badass Women of Charleston the best walking tour we’ve ever taken! He is so knowledgeable, passionate and sensitive about the history of Charleston.... read more

    Valerie S
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  What an amazing experience! I’ve been here about 8 years and today realized how little I know about my beautiful, history-rich city. Thank you Jonathan for everything I learned... read more

    Kristin C
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan gave our group a super fun, informative tour of historic downtown Charleston. We were all locals and loved hearing the rich history of our town. I would highly recommend... read more

    Kristy L
    November 1, 2021
  • star rating  Jonathan is extremely passionate and knowledgeable of the history of Charleston, giving more insightful and interesting historic knowledge than most other tour guides within the area of Charleston. If you're... read more

    Zachary S
    November 1, 2021

    star rating  This was a kicka** tour! Jonathan was super knowledgeable and a fantastic speaker. As a local, I know a good bit of Charleston history to this tour added so much... read more

    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan was terrific. He's a recent "transplant" to Charleston, but his love for the city was apparent throughout the entire time we spent with him. We've been on walking... read more

    Gene S
    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan was an excellent tour guide and it was so much fun (even as a local) to learn about a different side of the holy city. Would definitely book another... read more

    Laurel W
    October 1, 2021
  • star rating  This was a delightful, informative, engaging & interesting tour. Jonathan is an excellent tour guide. He obviously knows his stuff, is enthused about the subject & loves the city.... read more

    Rhonda S
    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan is an amazing tour guide. He brought Charleston's historic district to life with his engaging stories. He was enthusiastic and dynamic, offering detailed answers to our questions. It... read more

    Karel H
    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan’s knowledge and passion for this beautiful city is extraordinary. I’ve lived here for 15+ years and learned so many cool things about history and some of the women who... read more

    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathon was fabulous! Far more than just a history of bad*** women, he covered architecture and other history as well. This was by far the best tour I took in... read more

    October 1, 2021
  • star rating  This was my second time in 6 months doing the tour....THAT good! We are a small group of life friends gathering in my newly adopted home town odf Charleston.... read more

    October 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan was one of the most passionate and informative guides I've every experienced. The Badass Women of Charleston tour was entertaining, enlightening and educational. So much of history... read more

    nancee m
    October 1, 2021

    star rating  The tour was a taste of culture ,history, architecture, and humor. Jonathan does a brilliant job of bringing all of these things together in such a magnificent manner.The two hours... read more

    September 1, 2021

    star rating  I booked the tour for myself and a friend visiting from NJ. I had taken two previous tours with other companies in the past six years I have lived in... read more

    Kim K
    September 1, 2021
  • star rating  Amazing tour and tour guide! Super knowledgeable, fun and informative. You could tell he loved and knew the city, and treated some of the darker parts of Charleston’s history with... read more

    Amanda D
    September 1, 2021

    star rating  Jonathan is super knowledgeable and a great story teller - we learnt a ton on the history of Charleston and it felt very personalized - a great way to get... read more

    September 1, 2021

    star rating  We had such a good time! Jonathan kept us laughing and attentive. We learned so much wish we could have recorded it. Questions a long the way... read more

    Pat S
    September 1, 2021

    star rating  So many choices for which Charleston walking tour to take, but I finally chose this one online and hoped for the best. Boy was it the best! Way... read more

    Glenn K
    September 1, 2021
  • star rating  Excellent tour! Highly recommend. Incredibly knowledgeable and personable. Well worth your time and money.

    Chris B
    August 14, 2021

    star rating  There's so much to do in Charleston and often with little time - this was time and money very well spent. This tour is a must do for your trip... read more

    Benzi J
    August 9, 2021

    star rating  PLEASE DON’T MISS THE J TOUR “BAD ASS BROADS TOUR” while you are in Charleston. It is AMAZING!!! Jonathan brings an unparalleled passion, incredible historical knowledge, extraordinary... read more

    Susan R
    August 7, 2021

    star rating  We've done several other walking tours of Charleston over the years. Jonathan's tour was refreshingly different. If you are looking for a detailed recounting of Charleston's history, read a book... read more

    August 1, 2021
  • star rating  Absolutely amazing walking tour. Jonathan is vibrant, outgoing, down to earth and a great storyteller. He made the city and it’s history come alive. You will not be disappointed!!!

    Jeffrey J
    July 26, 2021

    star rating  My family and I had such a great day exploring Charleston with our tour guide, John! He was so knowledgeable, friendly and full of energy! We did not want our... read more

    Christina S
    July 25, 2021

    star rating  My husband & I loved this tour & had a great time. Jonathan really researched the badass broads featured on the tour & is clearly passionate about his career. ... read more

    Molly L
    July 15, 2021

    star rating  Going in to this tour I didn't really know what to expect. To say it was amazing is such an understatement. Jonathan was an absolutely outstanding tour guide. His stories... read more

    July 14, 2021

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